The BEST Door Spraying System for BEGINNERS and DIYers!
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The BEST Door Spraying System for BEGINNERS and DIYers!
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Hey Gang! Got a cool one today. We shoot our trim color and it looks absolutely stunning. We also run you through how we clean our X7 with paint thinner, a lot of requests on our last video showing the cleaning process. And finally we showcase a product we found that we believe can really help a DIYer or homeowner get a flawless paint job on things that can be difficult to paint, such as doors and trim. We're not sponsored by StakPack, but not everyone has the spare hundred hours to learn how to master a sprayer and the paint along with it, so we're stoked that there's a first time friendly solution for the rest of the Gang. Thanks for watching and Happy Mother's Day!

Inline blowgun from McMaster-Carr item #1883N1

Inline blowgun

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