Is THIS the BEST WAY to Tape Corners?
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Is THIS the BEST WAY to Tape Corners?
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Hey Gang! Today we continue taping and mudding this project.
We feel like we need to say this. Most of the things we demonstrate in our videos are for the DIYers. Let's face it guys, not everyone can be a professional, hire a professional, or shoot even find a trustworthy contractor or tradesman. You might do it everyday and think "that's a terrible way to do it" but for some, it's the only way they CAN do it and get a clean result that is as close to pro as possible.
We can use a corner trowel and get great results, but what we showed in the video is what 99% of people are going to get, and we want to eliminate as much frustration and instill as much confidence as possible.

We love learning from other pros and we love reading all the comments! Thanks for watching gang and we'll see ya in the next one.

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