The Owner FELL THROUGH Their Floor... So They Called Us
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The Owner FELL THROUGH Their Floor... So They Called Us
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Hey Gang! We've got a crazy video for ya today! We got called out to the river to help some friends with a subfloor failure. This is a perfect storm of un-optimal conditions to harvest rotten wood. Not just rot, but we also have standing water, bad plumbing, and poor framing technique. The only thing holding these people up was the sheer strength of that oak flooring! Pretty incredible. We said this in the video but we'll say it again, our goal was make a safe and strong walkway for this house for not just them but their elderly father in the house as well, and we accomplished that! It was easy, it doesn't look pretty, but man is it a million times safer, and we feel much better knowing no one is going through that floor anytime soon. And we picked up some more framing experience as a bonus! We're gonna be needing that here pretty soon..
Thanks for watching and we'll see ya in the next one!

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