You're a "HACK" if you use 1/4 ROUND TRIM or SHOE MOLDING…Right?
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You're a "HACK" if you use 1/4 ROUND TRIM or SHOE MOLDING…Right?
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Hey Gang! In our flooring video, we got a lot comments regarding the baseboard and how we're going to tackle the transition between trim and floor. We don't think there's one right answer, and there's certainly not one way to do things, especially when every job is unique and different! We've heard it all from "You should NEVER use 1/4 or shoe" to "I use it on every job". We think this stuff gets a pretty bad reputation in the renovation and construction space, but we think there's more than meets the eye here. We wanted to offer our perspective on this controversial type of trim and why maybe it's useable in some cases, and not in others. There are so many variables in making this decision, that's it's almost impossible to write it off entirely, unless you're working on strictly modern homes. Let us know what you think in the comments! Thanks for watching gang, and we can't wait to make our big announcement at 100k! See ya in the next one.


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