अमरीश पूरी ने बनाई मुजरिम को पकड़ने की खतरनाक प्लानिंग | Sanjay Kapoor | Beqabu | Part 03
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अमरीश पूरी ने बनाई मुजरिम को पकड़ने की खतरनाक प्लानिंग | Sanjay Kapoor | Beqabu | Part 03
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Raja lives a life of crime. One day he crosses paths with terrorist Zanjhar Singh, and has him arrested and imprisoned. Raja now lives a threatened life, and the police department help him to re-locate and live with his estranged father, Dayal Verma, who works for the Kapoor family as a chauffeur. Raja re-locates, and falls in love with beautiful Reshmi Kapoor. Unfortunately, Dayal is arrested for a crime he did not commit, and is imprisoned. Watch this movie to know what happens next as the plot thickens.

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